Artist Statement
Rebecca Ross
College for Creative Studies – Entertainment Arts Animation & Game Design

In the world of art anything can be made and brought to life. As an animator I have witnessed the ability to make unimaginable things come to life. Through my work I want people to see the world in a different way. I want people to imagine and see their dreams come alive, to imagine the unthinkable.

“I can think of no greater gift to oneself than to retain and add the wonder of childhood to the gathering of adult experience.” Stated by Syd Mead, the importance of youth and creativity is ideal in the creative industry. Using imagination and ingenuity has brought new ways of seeing things, which affects the audience, and that is any artist’s goal.

Over the years my work has consisted of paintings and traditional drawn pieces. Today my work involves traditional 2D animations and CG character sculpting. In my recent work I have made it a goal to hold true to my childhood and inlay the story of my adult experiences. To inspire and expand the imagination of others is a continuous key for my inspiration, kicking out the old and evolving the new.



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