This page will be following my Independent study about cinematic make-up and prosthetics!

First Step: Find a model and cast her face! Hali Rich-Reid was my volunteer

                                  IMG_7654 IMG_7655

Using Alginate I was able to capture Hali’s face, unfortunately the mixture set faster than expected and her nose was not fully captured. But thats okay!

                                 IMG_7656 IMG_7661

Next I created a plaster mold from the alginate and cleaned her all up!

                         IMG_7665 IMG_7666

Now I can begin sculpting my design! Since this was my first at everything I stuck to a simplistic forehead piece avoiding any undercuts.

IMG_7778 IMG_7894

After making my sculpt I realized there was no surface area to create keys for the two part mold to sit, so I created a plaster base to the face by soaking it in water then pouring in new plaster for there to be a bond.

IMG_7900 IMG_7901 IMG_7906

Now to make the mold of the clay sculpt!

                                  IMG_7929 IMG_7933

Beautiful clean mold!

                                  IMG_7936 IMG_7939

Next step foam run/foam rubber casting! A lot to learn here but with a few bumps things turned out.


 IMG_8057 IMG_8058

Uh oh! The mold cracked but thats okay, but hey my first foam prosthetic!!

 IMG_8061 IMG_8062 IMG_8063

Time to clean the prosthetic, and with extra rubber had some fun with paints and make-up application.


Now to play dress up! Credit Tommy Binkley photo & video work

01 02

03 04


06 07 08


010 011

012 013

014 015

016 017



020 021


Super excited about how this first cast came out. Learned a lot and the next piece can only get better!

Are you mad as a hatter?
(Process images coming soon)


IMG_8736    IMG_8757


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