Manifesto 2015

“I can think of no greater gift to oneself than to retain and add the wonder of childhood to the gathering of adult experiences.” – Syd Mead

me and myself

I believe the purest of all creativity comes from the kid inside. No matter how old you are you can always be a kid. I’m twenty and still today see the world as a 5 year old. Always exploring and wondering.


Dreams and passions always drive us. “Growing up” and experiencing what life throws at you, I’ve realized you can’t aspire to do absolutely everything (ice skater, dancer, geologist, artist, zoologist, etc.). In your heart and imagination you can be anything. Dare to dream, you have no limitations in your own mind.


Laughter, the most important thing in the world. To laugh is to be happy. To laugh is to love. I for one cannot imagine a world without laughter.


If you know me you’d agree that I love toys, stuffies, and pretty much everything cuddly. A stuffed animal is more than just a sack of fluff, there is a character waiting to be explored. Everyone should know the concept of an imaginary friend or something of the sort. Today I have hundreds of invisible friends surrounding me, some larger than buildings and some small enough to fit in my hand. Each one of these friends inspire me to create what I do, all through the eyes of a kid.


MOVIES!!! The kid in me was obsessed with movies, cartoons, and games. I still am today and with my passions I am pursuing a career in Animation and 3D Character Design.

I have always dreamt of being behind the set making the magic happen, lets make that come true!


“I don’t mind if people look at me like I’m crazy. I’m just being me”



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